Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Warning Signs of Career Disaster

A lot of effort and endeavor is put to shape the dynamic career and if the career is at stake then it is really heartbreaking. Professionals working in the companies are always vigilant and choose the right kind of jobs which is secure and rewarding. Sometimes due to adverse situation career gets stagnant and you do not realize the situation. Unfavorable circumstances lead to career disaster.

Following tips help you to understand warning signs of career disaster:
  1. The industry chosen by the person can anytime experience downfall. The growth in particular industry varies according to the market condition and mishap can happen anytime. You should always have the update information about your industry and you should keep an eye on the rise and fall of the industry. The perfect example is the automobile industry and bank sector in America which is facing the financial crisis.
  2. If you notice that there is reduction in the pay of the employees then it clearly indicates the loss in the company. The change in the salary structure and policies adopted to cut the cost in extra facilities provided to the employees is also the warning sign. Sometimes the number project coming to the company are decreased which results in reduction in the burden of work.
  3. Profit of the company declines to a certain level due to the inflicted loss and this explains the condition of the company. When profit of the company reduces then the employees should understand that cost cutting can be followed and you may get the order to leave the job.
  4. People working in the top level management are qualified, experienced and efficient. If there is change in the management then there must be a serious reason behind it. Company policies can change which can hamper your growth and scope of your promotion in the company.
  5. If your company is planning for the agreement with other company for selling the share of the company then your career is at stake. Different policies can be adopted by the companies and mergers can take place. If the deal of acquisition is in air then you be ready to face the consequences.
  6. Your relation with boss is also an important criterion to put under consideration. If your boss favors you then scope of growth and hike in salary increases. Your participation in important deals, meetings etc is ignored then it is a warning sign.
Always be prepared to face the changing situation and adverse circumstances for becoming successful in life.

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