Friday, March 27, 2009

Workers' Compensation

Workers are really not at all the puppet in the hands of the employer. The thinking has really changed during the last few years. The employees have now become more powerful than the employer. However the luxuries still are in the hands of the employers and the employee are working hard to get them. There is nothing controversial in this belief. It is really the truth. Even the employers have now found out this thing and there is now a tussle among different employees about who is giving more benefits to their employees.
  1. I must say that the employees are really the beneficiaries as far as this tussle are concerned. However you will have to know that how do they end up being the beneficiaries. Workers' compensation is one thing through which the employees really end up being the beneficiaries.
  2. Generally the workers compensation in United States is a kind of insurance. Suppose the employee get injured while doing work. Who will pay for his treatment? You should know that no body else but the company pays for it. In some companies they really pay only when the employee is injured during the office time. But now the time has changed. Now the employee is eligible for the health compensation whenever they are injured. You should also know that not only he but his whole family gets the advantage of this medical compensation.
  3. The company now provides the medical benefits for the parents as well as the spouse of the employees.  This is really something which looks really pleasing since the employee now feels lots more happy and composed than before. 
  4. Apart from the medical compensation there is some other kind of compensation as well. For example you can take the telephone bills. The office telephone bills are now being paid by the companies. However this is really an old compensation.
  5. However I must tell you that the companies now days provide so many facilities that you will not able to count. They have realized that there is a very tough tussle between the rivals or any two companies in the same field and I must tell you that they are really taking all the steps to make sure that the employee stays with them for longer period.
  6. I really feel that the employees now have decided that they will stay with the company which provides them better compensation. But the companies however have come to know the fact that they are really being affected by the competition with the other companies. 
You will better understand this if you will look at the recession period. The companies never found any difficult in cost cutting or even throwing some employees out of the job. I think you have got the point. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Careers in Community Development

People like to choose the careers which can solve the purpose of contributing for the development of the society and at the same time can prove to be rewarding careers. There are many options available for the career choices which are popular for community development. Many people like to become teacher and some prefer the career of doctor and nurse. You can contribute to the community by doing the volunteer services for the people and can also earn money for livelihood. The career choices are appreciated which can help the people in general and result in advancement of the society. 

Following pointers describe about careers in community development:
  1. Nowadays many people demand the better professionals who can guide in the matter related to money. Finance consultant work is respectful job and it also serves the purpose of community development. Many organizations and public in general like to take the advices in matter related to finances and you can become finance consultant and can also earn good amount. 
  2. You can become the part of a particular community which aims at all round development. You can even take the responsibility as the organizer and can see the overall growth of the particular community. Organizer of the community aims at building the strong network for providing the assistance in job opportunities and solving the problems of the members of the community. 
  3. You can contribute to the society by helping the students in getting right education and solving the problem of fee deposit through banks. Taking care of the career of students and providing extra facilities for higher studies is really great work for community development. 
  4. Rehabilitation centers and financial assistance can help in making a better society. Old age homes can give support to the old people in the community and also can provide financial aid. Taking care of the people of different age group is required for the service to community. You can even help the society by entering in health care industry.
  5. Counselors are in high demand because of changed pattern of studies and large numbers of options present in this dynamic world. Guiding the students for the better education is quite beneficial for the development of society because it helps in shaping vibrant career and better human society.
Many people like to join NGOs and get the good salary and facilities for contributing for upliftment of society.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Problem face while Answering, Why Did You Leave your job during second Interviews?

I have given information to my company. I had worked with them for four continuous years. My boss was really very harsh day by day it was becoming difficult to handle him. I was not able to go for any interview since my office time was so hectic. Hence I decided to leave the job.

Is it the right way to answer? Certainly this will never work. No body would accept it. This was told by one of the jobseeker who was really confused with the question and went on to speak the bitter truth. However I must add that he failed to win the heart of recruiter. I must add that this is really a confusing question and you should be diplomatic while answering it. For you sake I am writing what the jobseeker could have told to get the job.
  1. He asked one of the managers after failing in the interview, "I don't want to walk into an interview and be negative about my boss and the situation I was in, because I can definitely handle a lot but what your suggestion about it is.
  2. The manager replied, "I would go with something like" after four years I feel like, I want to take new challenges and I want to take sometime to really focus on something which I love. It's vague but it's reasonable and the recruiter will really agree with you because it's not one year but four years and they would have also gone through similar position.
  3. It really can be true that your boss might be a micromanager, your coworkers might not be good or the environment might be toxic. Yes we all know that this can really happen. In fact this is in the minds of every recruiter. But you can really not tell that. You will really be a sufferer if you tell the truth. In fact this makes the recruiters think that are you really very tough to handle or was your boss really a micromanager. This will create a chaos in the minds of recruiters. However you can avoid this and tell some different story.
  4. For example you can tell the recruiters that you want to face new challenges. However you might think that it's really unfair that you cannot tell that your boss is crazy which actually the case is. However I recommend you that never fall in any problems. You will be required to give many answers after this. Recruiters used to contact your previous employers and they might be against you. Anyways try to avoid all this and give some diplomatic answer. 
Think from brain and not from heart and I hope you will be able to tackle the problem.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The benefits of marketing jobs

Marketing job is the most challenging job even more than technical jobs. As far as the job is concerned you will have to look after the marketing of various products of the company and also look after their selling. Just think of the situation when you are asked to sell fish. What will you do? You will certainly have to do something if it's your business. I must tell that those whose family is engaged in some sort of business are more often than not good at marketing. They have gone the marketing tricks in their gene.  However, now so many courses are available that you can really become a marketing expert by doing these courses.

You must have till now only heard disadvantages related to marketing field. But I will now tell you about the advantages which you will have by joining this field. I must tell you that the only problem with marketing is that you have to travel and complete a target. However you get all the money which you spend during your journey.
I must tell you that as a marketing manager you are representing the company and company will provide you with all the facilities so that you can give your 100 %.

I would like to list some of the advantages which you will enjoy with marketing job. I will list them one by one:
  1. You will get a good amount as salary. I must tell you that marketing experts are the most important persons of any company. They are really very highly paid and all the employees of the company respect them the most.
  2. If you look after yourself properly then you will enjoy visiting new places and by the end of your career you will have visited almost the entire country or even world.
  3. You will be paid back even a penny which you will spend during your job. They will give you the rent o stay at any seven star hotels when you visit some other place for the company. The only job they want from is to make sure that the marketing of the product is properly completed.
  4. Yes you will get a target but once you achieve, you will really feel happy from the bottom of your heart. If your company will be in profit the so will you be in profit.
These are just few profits. In fact even a complete book can be written containing only the advantages of marketing jobs. You should just think in a negative manner. Yes your work load will be more but so will be your gross salary. And why should you leave such a golden opportunity.