Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to define your Career Values

Values can be defined as the essentials to which an individual gives special preference. Every organization has certain goals in mind. Values of an individual and organization are slightly different. Career values are liked by the companies in which you apply. Certain values are essential to get the job and also to work well in the particular company. Your perception and your thinking define the values which are needed to shape the perfect career. Organizations keep values in mind before employee the person. 

Following description defines the career values:
  1. Some people give importance to the money in life and search for the rewarding jobs. Main motive of doing job is to earn more and more and job profile is neglected. This can give a negative impact to the recruiter who is taking your interview.
  2. Job security is a big question which comes when person hunts for the job. Hunting for the secure jobs can move the job seekers for permanent jobs and government jobs where survival and competition is easier.
  3. Sometimes it happens that the values get changed from time to time. Some people stick to the values and like to follow certain principles in their work. Usually when situations change people also change in accordance and the new values get developed.
  4. There is need to think and realize the values. Preference should be given to the values to work smoothly. Challenges and competition are obvious in the company but you have to decide the way of behaving in different situations.
  5. Self assessment is important to understand the values within yourself. You have to check the values which have developed from childhood and after reaching certain age.
  6. Some people give importance to the working conditions and work place. It is often seen that the working environment and atmosphere of the good companies is better and the values are maintained to define certain standards.
  7. The type of work and your status also give information about the values. Some people are very cautious about their position in the company and try to climb the hierarchy to improve the status and get the better position.
  8. Some people are self centered and don't like to help others. Providing help to the others in the company is not at all bad but due to the feeling of competition people avoid helping others and just concentrate on their work.
Career Values are really important and core values should always be kept in mind to shape the dynamic and successful career.  

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