Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The importance of knowing the Chinese Language

Chinese language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Chinese is spoken nowadays by most of the people after English. China is one of the powerful nations of the world and it has great economic impact on entire world. Strong economic condition of China has influenced all the countries of the world. Chinese civilization is quite old and if it is compared to European civilization then also Chinese civilization is older. Mandarin Chinese is the main language which is spoken largely by the Chinese people.

Following pointers describe the importance of learning Chinese:
  1. You can learn Chinese if you are student researching on the old languages of the world. Chinese is one of the oldest languages and students like to research and write thesis on the language. Research helps to understand the culture of China prevailing in earlier centuries and also the culture and tradition which are still followed.
  2. You can take the Chinese language as the challenge because there are many symbols which have same tone but can be pronounced in different ways resulting in different meanings. You can learn Chinese if you are traveling to China and you are interested in understanding the culture and tradition of the places in China. Schools in china help the kids to learn the language easily and to clear the doubts.
  3. China has emerged as one of the biggest market for trade. Chinese language help in establishing trade with the Chinese companies. You can earn good amount by learning Chinese and indulging in trade with the companies of China. Many companies are establishing their centers in China to earn more and more profit.
  4. If you are medical student then you must have heard about the Chinese treatment which was followed in old times. All the accounts were written in Chinese and you can read about the medicines and the treatment methods with the help of Chinese language. Biological terms are difficult to understand and translate. Translators cannot be relied for providing the accurate translation.
  5. Translation of the Chinese document is possible in the present world but some special terms which are difficult to translate may lead to confusion. It is not easy to translate each and every term exactly to retain its meaning. To avoid the confusions and mistakes it is advisable to learn Chinese language and not to rely on the translators.
Learn Chinese and open the door of success by writing in your resume about the knowledge of Chinese language.

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