Sunday, January 4, 2009

How to teach kids about Smoking

Teaching kids about smoking about smoking is very essential to save children from bad habit of smoking. Smoking is injurious to health and it is most important to look after the health of the children. There are too many harmful effects of smoking and you have to teach children to avoid the bad habit of smoking. Smoking among children is increasing at rapid rate. Surveys have reported that more children are prone to smoking in this modern era. It is the responsibility of teachers and guardians to teach the ill effects of smoking to the kids:

Let us discuss the topic in detail:
  1. Kids get influenced from movies and serials in which models, actors and actresses smoke. Kids try to imitate and adopt the bad habit. Kids should be taught to avoid the bad habit and should not follow the screen life of the actors and actresses.
  2. Kids should be taught in schools to avoid the habit of smoking. If the kids adopt the habit of smoking then it is harmful in the long run. There should be special teaching in the classrooms for kids. Programs should be organized in schools which can help in spreading the awareness among children.
  3. If you are in habit of using tobacco products then avoid using then in front of children. Children should not see their parents involve in the usage of tobacco products. Whatever parents do it creates strong impact on children and children try to follow the same.
  4. Father and mother should teach their children about the consequences of using tobacco products and especially the harmful effects of smoking. Eye should be kept on the friend circle and close friends of the kid because friends sometimes are responsible of inspiring kids to start smoking.
  5. Try to discuss with kids about the smoking habit. Healthy discussion and even debate can help in understanding the need of avoiding smoking habit. You can give valuable suggestions to the kids and can take the promise for not indulging in smoking. Kids can understand the teachings of their parents very well.
  6. It is very important to understand the views of kids on smoking. The strong denial to the forceful smoking inflicted by others on kids can be done only if kid has strong will power. Teaching again and again can help the kids to remember the teachings to follow the right path.
Children are future of humanity and smoking habit should be avoided to prevent the world from danger of smoking.

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