Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tips to be a good tutor

Tutors are in great demand due to increasing importance of education all over the world. Kids need tutors to help completing their homework and guide them to score good marks in schools. Tutors are demanded by school children even online and you can earn a lot on hourly basis. If you are working in teaching field then there is good scope to provide your service online to the interested students and generate extra income.

Following tips help in becoming good tutor:
  1. It is the responsibility of the tutor to understand the student and guide the students according to student's capacity and acquiring ability. Some students are sharp minded and grasp things easily but some need special care to perform well. Good tutor understand the way of dealing with all kind of students.
  2. Good tutor communicates with the student in the standard language which is preferred in schools. Way of communication defines the standard of teaching and creates the environment for good study.
  3. If the student is not performing well then it is the duty of the tutor to find out the reason and improve the performance by guiding the students. Tutor has to motivate the students for studying and scoring good marks.
  4. If the student is not able to understand the subject then it is the duty of the tutor to adopt different way of teaching for making it more practical and interactive.
  5. Students like to get appreciated if they perform well and tutor should praise the work of the student to motivate them to perform better.
  6. Many times the course of the subject is too wide and students fail to understand what is relevant for exams and what is not. Good tutors should guide the students not to leave the relevant study portion.
  7. Time to time checking up of taught lessons and examining student is essential. Sometimes students become lazy and sluggish and don't pay attention in keeping the studies up to date. It is the responsibility of tutor to take tests for checking performance and lacking areas in student.
  8. Your attitude towards the students should be caring and there should be professional touch in behaving with students and if you feel that student is not showing positive attitude then you may scold.
  9. Proper planning and schedule is required for helping the student to complete the studies on time. Finishing of course before exam is essential for giving confidence to the student.
Search internet and learn techniques to improve tutoring tips and earn good amount by guiding students.

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