Sunday, January 11, 2009

Know some tough interview questions

Job hunters need some extra effort to learn the skills for qualifying interview. Interview tips for Fresher are really essential but experienced professionals also require good preparation for qualifying tough interview. There are many types of interview and candidate has to find out the requirement of recruiters according to the profession. Candidates who don't prepare well may face difficulty to answer the tough interview questions so person should always be ready to deal with the tough interview questions.

Here are some tough interview questions for job hunters:
  1. Professional who is experienced and likes to switch over has to face the question about the need to change the job. Recruiter always wants to know the reason of changing the job. Recruiter wants to know the attitude and reliability for joining the new job.
  2. One common tough question often asked by the interviewer is that why do you want to join this job. Interviewer wants to know about your views regarding the company and the interest in the new job.
  3. Recruiters like to ask that why should I hire you. This question indicate that recruiter want to know about the special qualities which make you most suitable candidate for the job. You have to explain the qualities and past accomplishments which make you perfect candidate for the new job.
  4. Interviewee is often asked about the situation when you are confronted with the criticism. Some people take the criticism is positive way and few take it in negative sense. Recruiter judges tackling capability and determination for carrying your new job well.
  5. Recruiters often ask about the leadership qualities which are necessary in some kind of jobs. Leadership quality is part of your personality and you can prove yourself by showing your leadership quality.
  6. Team spirit is required to perform the job efficiently and recruiter often asks the candidate to express the way of working with the team provided during the projects. Team spirit is required to work in the group and interpersonal skills are essential to work efficiently.
  7. If there are issues when you work within group then recruiter asks the question to resolve the issues for smooth functioning of the team. Recruiter want to know the steps taken to solve the problems related to human behavior.
  8. Sometimes you are asked abut the current burning issues and recruiter want to know your general awareness and your attitude towards society.
Prepare yourself mentally and physically for facing the interview with confidence.

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