Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turning a Layoff into Success

Lay off situation arises due to bad market condition. Market condition can change anytime and people should be ready to face the unprecedented challenges. Global crisis gives financial setback to people around the world. Companies look for the quick solution to the problem and find the details about the employees for downsizing. Downsizing of the employees depend on various factors. The most important criteria are age and performance which determines the working strength of a person, handling of the responsibility and energy level of doing work. 

Following pointers guide people for turning a layoff into success:
  1. Old people are more prone to diseases and health issues and therefore human resource department tend to downsize the employees by choosing the people of old age. Health issues affect the overall performance of the employee and the profit of the company decreases. Old people should take rest and should avoid heavy work. Lay off helps old people to reduce the burden of responsibility and old people can concentrate on their health.
  2. You must prepare yourself for handling the adverse circumstances. There is need to find the solution before the problem of lay off arise. Keep your options open and try to find the best job according to your qualification and skills. Some jobs are recession proof and you can shape your career in the particular field for avoiding the lay off situation.
  3. You can approach your friends and relatives for seeking some help in lay off. You can apply for the jobs on internet and can also approach the recruitment agencies for getting suitable jobs. Your experience can surely benefit you in finding the right kind of job. Expand your network for combating the lay off situation.
  4. There is no need to worry about the income but you should join the jobs even if the salary is low. High salary jobs can be found after the end of lay off situation. You can adjust in the salary offered to you without thinking much. Many companies reduce the packages during lay off situation and you have to be satisfied in whatever you get.
  5. You have to be fit to survive in the adverse situations. You can pursue certification courses which help in providing edge in the competition over others during the lay off. You can enhance your skill sets to emerge as a survivor. People who are qualified and skillful are less likely to face problem in lay off.
Surely you can turn lay off into success by taking right steps.

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