Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to improve your reading speed

Reading is a skill and needs to be developed for improving your scope for hunting jobs. Many entrance exams pay attention in judging the reading skills of a person. Command in language is needed to read easily and comprehend the meaning of the written material. Many people face problem to read fast and accurately. If you are a student then there is a great need to prepare yourself in this stage for avoiding the future problem. Reading at good pace can help you to qualify many exams and score well. 

Here are few tips to guide you to improve your reading skills:
  1. First thing which should be kept in mind is the topic of reading. Pay attention to the heading about which you have to read. Person can understand well if you have the idea about the topic about which you are reading. 
  2. Try reading slowly and note the time of your completing the paragraph. Then try to read fast and see the difference. Surely there will be difference in time of reading. You should calculate words read per minute and should try to enhance your speed to improve your efficiency. No need to panic, it is a gradual process for increasing your speed.
  3. Environment of reading also plays an important role in your reading caliber. You should try to read in silent atmosphere to avoid distractions. Make your mind in full concentration towards the subject of your reading.
  4. You must have heard about skimming process of reading. You can apply it when time is less and words are more. If you are comfortable with this time of reading then only you should try it.
  5. Don't move your lips while reading as it can hamper your speed. Develop the habit to read in your mind and no need to move your hands and lips.
  6. Never use any pen or pencil to highlight the points. It will slow your reading speed. People often have this bad habit which leads to poor performance in reading.
  7. Keep checking your speed from time to time and if you feel the need to reduce the time limit to read the paragraph then do it without any hesitation.
  8. Never try to skip the words while reading because this may make your comprehension difficult and lot of time is wasted in reading the words again. 
Dedication and devotion is required to develop the reading skills and always there is a scope of improvement.

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