Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things to do when the Recruiter Calls

Job hunters welcome the opportunity when they get the response from the recruiters. Recruiters call the selected candidates for interview. Often recruiters like to talk on telephone before you are called for final interview. It is very important to know the things which should be kept in the mind when you receive call from recruiter. Responding in a planned manner to the recruiter on phone helps the job seeker to clear the recruitment process easily.

Let us discuss the topic in detail:
  1. Recruiter wants to gather information and your personal views for the job opportunity. If you are asked for the interest in the job vacancy then show the recruiter how much you are interested in better opportunities. You have to show positive attitude for good impact.
  2. Always give the contact number on which you are available. It creates bad impression if your number is not accessible and recruiter tries to contact you.
  3. Express yourself in elaborate manner and why you want to join the job. Give your views about the present job and what changes you prefer for choosing other job option. Prepare yourself for facing the telephonic interview and search on internet about the relevant info on telephonic interview.
  4. Make your mind for taking the job opportunity in positive manner. If you are not interested in doing the jobs then also don't deny the opportunity.
  5. Be clear about your present job requirements and your future prospects which can help in giving correct views to the recruiter. Don't close the opportunity if you are well settled in the job.
  6. Speak only the essential things. There is no need to waste the time in telling about you which is not required. Try to answer the questions of the recruiter in a straight way. Make your conversation in effective manner.
  7. Try to ask the contact number of the recruiter to get in touch for better opportunity. If the recruiter lives near your place then try to take the recruiter for dinner or lunch.
  8. If you are not willing to change your job then try to give the contact number of a person who is talented and is in need. The person should be able to satisfy the criteria of the company.
  9. Respond confidently and avoid pitfalls because recruiters are smart enough to judge your capability by talking to you for sometime.
So be ready to face the telephonic interview and handle the recruiters with full confidence.

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