Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to bring jobs back to America

America is highly developed country and enjoys the status of world's super power. But recent financial crisis in America has affected the global market badly. Unprecedented woes are lingering over America and people are constantly loosing their jobs. Politicians and economist are trying hard to improve the economic condition but still it needs some time to control the situation. Many banks of America were not able to survive in the adverse circumstances and collapsed. People are searching for jobs in America and there is need to stop the flow of talent outside the country.

Here are few tips for bringing jobs back to America:
  1. The perfect way to create employment is to start the industries and manufacturing units in America. Developing more industries will lead to creation of more job opportunities and will help the people to earn money. Companies of America depend on outsourcing and it brings lot of revenue to America. There is need to put a check on the outsourcing business. It is not advisable to put a halt to the outsourcing business but some stern steps should be taken to control the extent of outsourcing.
  2. There is need of flexible policies which can change the present scenario. Government should control the trade with other countries of the world. Free trade policy followed by the American government can prove to be harmful. Amendments in law are required to develop such a strategy to expert the goods by following certain rules. Economic growth should be the target of the government for creating employment.
  3. People are moving to other counties for getting employment. Job hunters should be provided jobs to stop the brain drain. People who are working outside the country should be advised to help in establishing new manufacturing units within the country. People who are experienced and talented and working for the giant companies outside America should be attracted by the companies by giving good packages.
  4. Cost on various unimportant works should be checked. Useless investment by the government should be avoided and priority should be given to creation of new jobs. Situation cannot improve in a minute but following strict rule and providing extra financial help to the companies can help in bringing jobs back. Companies which are struggling should be given financial help to overcome the crisis and firing of professionals from the jobs should be avoided. It is better to reduce the salary than removing the work force.
Gradually situation will improve by planning certain strategy and following recession proof policies.

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