Friday, March 27, 2009

Workers' Compensation

Workers are really not at all the puppet in the hands of the employer. The thinking has really changed during the last few years. The employees have now become more powerful than the employer. However the luxuries still are in the hands of the employers and the employee are working hard to get them. There is nothing controversial in this belief. It is really the truth. Even the employers have now found out this thing and there is now a tussle among different employees about who is giving more benefits to their employees.
  1. I must say that the employees are really the beneficiaries as far as this tussle are concerned. However you will have to know that how do they end up being the beneficiaries. Workers' compensation is one thing through which the employees really end up being the beneficiaries.
  2. Generally the workers compensation in United States is a kind of insurance. Suppose the employee get injured while doing work. Who will pay for his treatment? You should know that no body else but the company pays for it. In some companies they really pay only when the employee is injured during the office time. But now the time has changed. Now the employee is eligible for the health compensation whenever they are injured. You should also know that not only he but his whole family gets the advantage of this medical compensation.
  3. The company now provides the medical benefits for the parents as well as the spouse of the employees.  This is really something which looks really pleasing since the employee now feels lots more happy and composed than before. 
  4. Apart from the medical compensation there is some other kind of compensation as well. For example you can take the telephone bills. The office telephone bills are now being paid by the companies. However this is really an old compensation.
  5. However I must tell you that the companies now days provide so many facilities that you will not able to count. They have realized that there is a very tough tussle between the rivals or any two companies in the same field and I must tell you that they are really taking all the steps to make sure that the employee stays with them for longer period.
  6. I really feel that the employees now have decided that they will stay with the company which provides them better compensation. But the companies however have come to know the fact that they are really being affected by the competition with the other companies. 
You will better understand this if you will look at the recession period. The companies never found any difficult in cost cutting or even throwing some employees out of the job. I think you have got the point. 

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