Monday, November 3, 2008

How to become the Best Politicians

Politics is one of the hottest careers where you can work for the welfare of the country and can also earn a lot. You can service the people of your own country and in return you have enormous powers and money to live successful and happy life. Politics in older days was a noble profession but with changing scenario it has been converted into career of earning money and exploiting common people.

Following are the tips to become a politician:
  1. Speaking in front of crowd is not an easy task. Public speaking requires lot of practice and command over the language. You can participate in school competitions like debate and extempore to judge your capabilities. Even at college level you can participate in inter college debates and group discussions to improve your speaking skills.
  2. College and university level elections are the best grounds for developing the political skills. You can organize meetings as leader and can proceed over the meetings. Communicate with students of your college and stand in the elections as a leader of student union.
  3. Try to learn from the past history of your favorite leader and read the biographies of the political leaders and learn from the experiences of the great leaders.
  4. Develop the qualities of the politicians like diplomacy, avoiding anxiety, patience and mental strength etc. Interaction with more and more different kind of people helps you to understand the public behavior.
  5. Never try to be over confident. Keep the update information of the current activities. Always try to react according to the different situations.
  6. Keep your opinion clear because difference in the views on the same subject will hamper your image. Try to connect with the feelings of public and understand what the opinion of the mass is.
  7. Develop the convincing power and put your views strongly in front of people during public meetings. Keep your vote bank strong so that no one can influence your followers.
  8. Knowledge about the government laws and constitution will give you upper hand in handling the adverse situation. Start from the root and get acquainted with the typical situations.
  9. You can make your own group for standing in the election as a candidate but it is better to become the member of the political party which can help you to become successful. Participate in local elections before contesting for the seat in the government.
Change your behavior to adjust with the common people and try your luck in this field. Your success can make you popular and wealthy.

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